Blended tube feeding dietitian and blended tube feeding advocate

  • As a blended tube feeding dietitian, I take a client centered approach to tube feeding. You tell me how you want tube feeding to fit into your life and we make a plan together to help you achieve you goals.
  • Are you a business looking for a way to add credibility and deliver key nutrition messaging for your brand? Partner with a seasoned registered dietitian and blended tube feeding advocate for your nutrition copywriting, education seminars and all your nutrition communication needsA
4 tube feeding syringes filled with colourful blended food

1:1 Tube feeding dietitian services

Add blended tube feeding into your tube feeding routine with ease. This is for you if:

  • You’re not happy with your current tube feeding schedule, or formula
  • You know that adding some food to your tube feeding plan can benefit your physical and mental health
  • You feel overwhelmed by the idea of changing your tube feeding routine, and just need something that will fit easily into your busy life

What’s included:

  • An in-depth nutrition assessment
  • Practical tips to get you started on blenderized tube feeds
  • Troubleshooting and support along the way
  • Free guide to get started with blenderized tube feeding (without spending all day in the kitchen)
  • Recipes and recipe templates (coming soon) – join the waiting list
  • Blended tube feeding starter course (coming soon) -join the waiting list
A woman in the background. In the foreground spinach and pink coloured liquid in a blender
A laptop open, with pink flowers and an cup of coffee
Build credibility with your audience by partnering with a registered dietitian. Provide evidence based nutrition information that your audience can trust.

  • Nutrition copywriting
  • Nutrition seminars
  • Social media partnerships
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