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You Can Thrive on Blenderized Tube Feeds

Everyone should have the choice to nourish their bodies with wholesome, nutritious food.

Why should that be any different if you have a feeding tube?

Maybe you have food allergies or intolerances that make using commercial formulas difficult. 

Maybe you read the labels to your formula and you just want to use real food that you can pronounce.

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing and there are certainly reasons to use commercial formulas as well but if you want to consider using some real food blends – I can help!

I’m here to help you make blending food for you or your loved one as easy, safe and nourishing as possible so that you can thrive.

From here, you can check out my blog for everything blenderized tube feeding. 

If you need more personalized coaching along your blenderized tube feeding journey, you can reach out and work with me 1:1.

Get started feeling better today.

About the Dietitian

I’m Jen, a Registered Dietitian, with a passion for helping people with blenderized tube feeding. 

I have close to 20 years experience working with tube fed patients and I’ve seen first hand how being on tube feeds can impact your life.

I’m here to help you take back control of your feeding and thrive!



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